Friday, November 23, 2012

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn

A novel that would twist even Shakespeare’s mind!  Gillian Flynn has written an intriguing, dark, and intoxicating murder mystery about a criminal mastermind who is always a few steps ahead of his victims. In Gone Girl, Amy Dunne, the wife of Nick Dunne, disappears in what appears to be a home invasion on her fifth wedding anniversary. The police suspect foul play and the main suspect quickly becomes Nick, who is no husband of the year.

Nick expresses his innocence even when all the clues lead to him. His lying, deceitful, and laid-back behavior around his wife’s disappearance does not help him either.  As Nick has both the press and the police against him, he finds himself caught up in his own lies and teaming up with his twin sister Margo to prevent himself from going to jail. Police continue to find clue after clue: a silver box with a treasure hunt designed for him by his wife, a bleached kitchen with blood residues, a diary written by his compulsive, type-A personality wife, who is just as manipulative as Nick. The clues lead only to one option: Nick took Amy. But why are the clues so perfect that they leave no other option but Nick? Whoever said marriages are happily ever after never met this competitive, ambitious, vengeful couple.

Written from the perspective of both husband and wife, Gone Girl is intriguing and leaves you wanting to know more. Flynn offers a unique perspective into both the criminal’s and the victim’s mind. With a complex, original, and compelling plot, Gone Girls is definitely a must read for mature adults!

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