Tuesday, May 19, 2015


When I met Kevin Cahill over 8 years ago I didn't know if I should take him seriously and the sense I got was he was misunderstood. Sometimes we find the truth in the most surprising places. Now that I know Kevin I know that he knows thing we don't know but we should!

Kevin understands adversity first hand! But he discovered the secret to his own success and that of others. This book reveals to the reader what it takes to overcome challenges in life, in business and relationships. The key lies within the stories of others. You can handle any difficulty effortlessly and easily as the stream and river moves around rocks and obstacles in their path.

This book contains multiple short stories demonstrating compassion, generosity, kindness and belief. The stories provide a mix of insight and inspiration and are able to make you feel humbled and empowered. Many of the stories create an emotional reaction and connect with our humanity. Many also provide solid guidance and support and ready access to experience that we can benefit from with relevance to our improvement efforts.

Most of the stories are not of the well known or famous but are guaranteed to be thought provoking. What I like is that you can carry the book with you and read it when you have little more than a spare minute. The stories are really good at giving a kick start to your emotions and your thinking, often in unexpected ways.

When the majority of inspirational books available today are stories of individuals overcoming their own adversity, Gaining Clarity reminds us that the seeds of our own personal power were generally planted by that one special person who crossed our paths in the past. Whether it be a teacher, a parent, a child or a chance meeting with someone famous. We live in an ocean of energy where everything is in a constant flow of exchange. I heard Kevin say numerous times in his presentations that you can cut open an apple and count the seeds inside the apple but that you can never count the apples that those seeds will produce.

They say 'Good things come in small packages'. So it is with this pocket-sized book of motivational stories that brings words of encouragement for tough times. These words of wisdom from the relatively unknown and some special thoughts from Kevin that he wrote while searching for the truth are just the beginning of what is possible when we show gratitude to the giants who have helped us along the way.

- Doug Dane

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