Monday, March 25, 2013

One Good Hustle

Billie Livingston

Born into a family of con artists, sixteen-year-old Samantha Bell (a.k.a. Sammie) always prided herself on her quick wit and instincts. After a hustle gone wrong, Sammie finds her world turned upside down. With her mother becoming increasingly addicted to alcohol and plotting her death, Sammie becomes scared and runs away. With her father missing in action, Sammie takes refuge at a friend’s house whose parents actually seem to love each other. Sammie is torn between the acceptance and love of her father and the sense of belonging in this household.

One Good Hustle was really gritty and honest. The main character, Sammie, doesn’t let her past determine her future. Sammie is a strong heroine who should be looked up to by many girls. Her sense and instincts come from her past in hustling, but anyone can see that there is more to her than just her knowledge of what makes a good hustle.

Billie Livingston holds nothing back. She intertwines the hardships of being a teenager with the innocence and anger of girls on the run. Definitely a page turner.

- Christina Marchese

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