Monday, May 27, 2013

The Shore Girl

The Shore Girl
Fran Kimmel

Dark and enchanting: that’s what Rebee Shore is. The sweet innocence of childhood has escaped Miss Shore. Forced to travel from town to town, she has never stayed in a place longer than three months because her demanding, flighty, hard-as-nails mother is always on the run. Rebee loves her mother but has learned some people are not to be counted on. Rebee does not know her father or anyone from her mother’s past life, except for her Aunt, who has her own issues to deal with. Rebee has an endless stream of questions, the first being who is her mother running from and why? 

Rebee evokes a sweetness that people cannot help but gravitate toward, but her independence and fierce eyes that show she has seen too much prevent anyone from getting too close to her. The Shore Girl, which depicts Rebee’s life as she finds the answers to her questions, is told from her perspective and from the perspective of those who have had the fortunate experience of meeting her. Reading about Rebee is addictive; you fall in love with the young girl and travel with her through her life. Rebee has many lessons to teach us, the first being that you control your own destiny.

- Katie Lowe

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