Monday, February 4, 2013

Year Zero

Rob Reid

Year Zero is a zany, humorous, and excellently written interpretation of the music world today and all the ridiculous copyright rules that accompany it. A reader of Rob Reid’s book will be immersed in an unbelievably imaginative and hilarious sci-fi world ringing with a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-like tone. The story follows Nick Carter, a struggling music copyright lawyer who is visited by two otherworldly strangers. They’ve come to Earth with hopes of finding legal help in order to offset the massive fines that the aliens of distant galaxies have accumulated from years of pirating Earth’s music (because, of course, although other species may be more technically advanced, humans are the only species in existence that has good music). The book’s satire invites the reader to seriously ponder certain absurdities of the music industry today, while also taking the reader to a fun, enjoyable world. This is a great read for any sci-fi or music lover!

- Braeden Etienne

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