Monday, April 15, 2013

Children of the Jacaranda Tree

Children of the Jacaranda Tree
Sahar Delijani

Children of the Jacaranda Tree is a gripping novel that unfolds over three decades in post-revolutionary Iran. It begins with the birth of a baby girl inside the walls of the infamous Evin prison. The book follows her, her cousins, and her friends—all children of political prisoners—as they are raised amid the turmoil and tyranny of the Iranian regime that took power after the revolution. As they move through life, each child struggles to come to terms with the traumas that his or her parents were forced to endure in their efforts to bring change to their beloved country. Each step of the way the characters’ lives reflect the turbulence and bewilderment engulfing the nation.

Written with a compelling rawness and honesty, Delijani’s novel makes the reader feel the emotions of every horror and triumph experienced by the characters. The pain of loved ones lost, the fear of unpredictably ruthless authorities, and the undying hope of a better future all exist simultaneously within the hearts of each of the characters. With descriptions that are as rich and vivid as they are clear and simple, Sahar Delijani not only invites you to watch a host of intriguing characters, she allows you to become them.

-  Elisa Cooper

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