Monday, April 15, 2013

Pirate Cinema

Pirate Cinema
Cory Doctorow

Have you ever enjoyed an online video remix made using TV or movie clips? Pirate Cinema, by award-winning author Cory Doctorow (Little Brother, Boing Boing), is set in a near-future United Kingdom where big media fights to outlaw all forms of copyright infringement with stifling legal penalties. Teenage protagonist Trent McCauley's dedication to creating remix videos causes him to run afoul of these laws. His punishment is the disconnection of his family's Internet, severing their ability to get health care, education, and work. Ashamed, Trent flees to London, banding together with an underground group of squatters and social misfits—all the while starting a revolution that will re-take the right to create new media.

Pirate Cinema is an entertaining and fast-moving allegory about the struggle to find balance between copyright and personal freedom.

- Dana Rea

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