Sunday, June 28, 2015


Reader, Official Member of the Human Race! This story, to quote the opening of Love May Fail, entitles you to “ugliness and beauty, heartache and joy – the great highs and lows of existence – and everything in between."

Portia Kane is a lost soul. A crisis of marriage and a born-again feminist conscience throws her from the thralls of her filthy rich 30-something existence back to a hometown and cast of characters she had abandoned long ago. Instead of succumbing to her new (old) circumstances, Portia sets out to validate her own life and choices through a rescue mission seemingly doomed to fail: convincing her battered, retired high school English teacher to return to the classroom. She has decided that he will recommit to his life’s calling: inspiring youth to live up to the greatness they are destined to find. Naturally, this is a task beyond Portia alone. With the help of an ex-heroine addict, a friendly waitress, a child metal-head, a special needs hoarder mother, and a vibrant old nun, she fumbles along her in her scheme without relent.

Ultimately, this is a tale of resilience: trudging through the muck of living, staring down failure, and re-emerging from the hollow depths of ourselves. Matthew Quick shows us the glowing potential we all have. All it takes is an unwavering dedication to holding just a thread of hope, and a stubborn persistence in choosing to find the best version of ourselves.

- Amie Willoughby

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