Sunday, July 5, 2015


You would think being caught red-handed outsourcing your course work to India would be the worst day of your life, but for Walter Roger’s it’s only the first step on his way to anonymity and humiliation. 

After saying goodbye to his dreams of being a wealthy lawyer, with the attendant luxury car and corner office, he serves time as an articling clerk with a Russian family law firm to gain insight and experience in the law. Unfortunately, all he gains insight and experience in is making sandwiches and typing! After a period of lying on his bed, he takes a job working for an eccentric former classmate, Octavian Castro. Although Walter’s mother considers him a successful lawyer that is far from the truth; Walter and Octavian have managed to create the least successful law firm of all time, until one day, another delusional, bulimic, former class-mate Ferdinand “Mags” Magellan unearths a peculiar loophole in the immigration law that will either make them all millionaires or destroy them completely. 

From Toronto to Cuba, Showey Yazdanian follows this band of misfits and schemers as they try to get rich quick with a very dubious scheme. The action is fast-paced and witty, I laughed out loud several times, and although the reader has a sense of things ending badly, the characters are likable under-dogs, people caught in the wrong professions of their choice. The book is well written and very readable, a great summer read!

- Catherine McGratton

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