Friday, November 2, 2012

Age of Miracles

Karen Thompson Walker

Waking up on a Saturday morning was never this stressful. Julia and her family in suburban California have recently discovered that something has happened to the earth’s rotation: it has begun to slow. The days are getting longer and longer, birds are dropping out of the sky, and in the midst of global devastation, Julia is coping with the normal catastrophes of ordinary life—changes in her parents’ relationship, problems with her friends, first love, and the struggle to adapt to her new life in an altered world.

I knew I was in love with this book as soon as I read the first sentence. The story just escalated from there. The plot line is so interesting and the writing is so perfectly executed. This book is definitely an original. I love Julia because she’s just trying to manage her life as best as she can under the most unordinary circumstances. I can relate to her so well, not because the earth’s rotation has begun to slow but because she’s struggling with her friends, feelings, and parents. If you want a good read, then I suggest you read this one because this book doesn’t disappoint. Fantastic read!

- Christina Marchese

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