Friday, November 23, 2012

Life Is About Losing Everything

Lynn Crosbie

Well known for her blunt sardonic prose, Lynn Crosbie does not disappoint in this semi-autobiographical assemblage of vibrant vignettes. Her minimalist, pithy style resonates throughout this novel, offering both humour and sentiment.  With superb craftsmanship Crosbie creates a portrait of herself that aptly captures the meaning behind her title.  Recounting experiences of loss, bereavement, everyday disappointments, and the rediscovery of herself in the process, Crosbie manages to sneak in small snippets of hope and contentment, so that her overall message is not one of loss, but of the formation of our identity that occurs through the experience of loss. Crosbie creates a collage of these vital snippets from life, sometimes messy, and most of the time jagged, but always infallibly honest in their delivery.

- Sarah Walker

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  1. I have the feeling that the comment before mine is Spam.

    But mine is real! I heard Lynn Crosbie read from this at the International Festival of Authors - at the Anansi 45th Anniversary event - and it was brilliant; I didn't want her to stop. (She also looked snazzy, with fancy earrings and I think red pants, but is that beside the point?) Anyway, I'd heard of Lynn Crosbie before but don't think I'd really heard HER. And so now I am a new fan.