Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern

We're in the middle of winter now, and what better way to spend a cold snowy day than to attend a circus? Not just any circus, but The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Oh wait, I almost forgot. The Night Circus is not real (though I wish it was).

Although Morgenstern’s circus is fictional, she has certainly perfected the art of making fantasy a reality. Her storytelling is simple—Morgenstern places the reader in a world where imaginings are more than just figments. The pacing is liquid on paper. Morgenstern keeps the reader guessing from the beginning to the end without overdoing it. The novel reads like a dream, as if Morgenstern is an illusionist herself.

The Night Circus focuses on the lives of two illusionists-in-training, Celia and Marco. The big plus this book scores is the well-drawn distinction between the backgrounds of Celia and Marco. Celia’s upbringing is harsh—having your father behead a bird in front of you is quite traumatic. Marco, however, seemed to have had more liberty, although his master was always on his back. Eventually these two illusionists cross paths, and when they do, sparks fly, magically and romantically.

Even though The Night Circus isn’t real, it is an escapist’s ideal winter break. Morgenstern has outdone herself with this magically romantic novel. There is no doubt in my mind Morgenstern is a novelist to watch out for. So take your front row seat and enjoy The Night Circus, watching the showdown between Celia and Marco.

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