Monday, February 4, 2013

The Slow Fix

Carl Honore

How does the Norwegian prison system achieve an enviably low re-offender rate? What are some of the key strategies in rehabilitating an inner city school? Why are oil spills not surprising to industry experts? These are some of the questions answered in Carl Honore's latest book, The Slow Fix.

In Honore's previous publication, In Defense of Slow, he demonstrated how taking the right amount time to do everyday activities well yields a better result. He now applies that same thinking to how we approach problem solving.

Each chapter details one of the key components to the slow fix and gives examples of how it plays out in the real world. But what I particularly enjoyed is that the book doesn’t prescribe a cookie-cutter approach to solving problems. Instead, Honore reveals that each fix is multidimensional, dynamic, and nuanced—in other words, it can be messy. Factors that worked well for one situation may not be the best for another. Still, the slow fix can be applied from industries to individuals, and everywhere in between.

Honore's style is accessible and stimulating. He does a good job of breaking down what could be a dry and complicated topic by fusing fact, humour, and insight.

- Mark Kubert

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