Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park
Rainbow Rowell

I am sitting at my computer trying to come up with some witty words to entice you to read Eleanor and Park, but all I can come up with is “Oh my God, read it!” because seriously, you must read this book!

Set in 1986 Omaha, Eleanor and Park is a powerful story of forbidden love between Park, a half-Korean boy from a good family, and Eleanor, a full-figured girl struggling to survive life with her abusive step-father. Issues of bullying, race, gender, and class distinction come together to make this story good, but what takes it from good to amazing is the sad horror of Eleanor’s home life and the world-changing first love between these two teenagers.

Their love is just so heart-melting! It will leave you swooning for those exhilarating yet terrifying days of young love—first looks, first touches, stolen kisses...*Sigh*

At once harsh and lovely, tender and bittersweet, this book burrowed deep into my heart and there it will stay. Beautifully written and incredibly moving, Eleanor and Park is an unforgettable read that I can’t recommend enough. This is contemporary YA at its best.

- Danielle Webster

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