Monday, July 22, 2013

Grandmother Power

Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon

Paola Gianturco

Reading this book will cement forever your sense of gratitude to the gutsy, confident grandmothers of the world. Story after story told in the compelling words of activist grandmothers will amaze you.

Paola Gianturco has brought to light how grandmothers are using their determination and passion to make their communities a better place for grandchildren. She has discovered that grandmothers everywhere share an attitude of “not good enough for my grandchildren.” Grandmothers are tackling whatever issue is most important to them locally. They are intellectually sharp and unapologetic about their opinions. A global grandmother movement is indeed unfolding.

Gianturco’s full-colour images of activist grandmothers are captivating. Each chapter tells stories of grandmothers changing their communities in their own unique ways. One chapter focuses on grassroots grandmother organizations caring for AIDS orphans in Africa. In India, grandmothers are bringing light to villages that have no electricity by learning how to be solar engineers. Grandmothers in Senegal convince communities to abandon female genital mutilation. Argentine grandmothers continue their forty-year search for grandchildren who were kidnapped during the nation’s military dictatorship. In Peru, Thailand, and Laos, grandmothers preserve weaving traditions and awaken local pride in their communities’ centuries-old heritage. Stories about grannies in Ireland are a delight.

Grandmother Power won the 2013 International Book Award for Multicultural Non-Fiction. You do not have to be a grandmother to appreciate this book. It is a work that will inspire us all, a celebration of the human spirit.

- Sharon Ogden

Paola Gianturco will be showing her photos and speaking about the remarkable grandmothers she has encountered on Thursday, September 19, 7:00 p.m. at the Elora Legion, an event hosted by the Grandmothers of the Grand. Tickets are available for $10.00 at the following outlets:  Roxanne's Reflections Book Store and St. Andrew's Church in Fergus, The Elora Centre for the Arts, The Book Shelf in Guelph, Wordsworth Book Store in Waterloo.

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