Wednesday, July 24, 2013

M in the Abstract

M in the Abstract
Douglas Davey

M in the Abstract, by Douglas Davey, is an enticing page-turner in ways that you wouldn't normally expect. It's about things we can all relate to: Acceptance. Courage. A secret you don't want anyone knowing. Davey’s book tells the story of how Mary, a girl haunted by a secret, begins to question the thing that has burdened her for so long. The words leap off the page as the reader is confronted with a whirlwind of strong emotions. You can't help but feel sad, or lonely, or proud as you watch Mary’s journey play out before your eyes. There's a moment where something great unfolds and you say, "Wow." I did just that reading this book. Hats off to the author.

- Athme Sivapalan

Athme is a member of the Brampton Library's Teen Library Council. You can also read Athme's Q&A with Douglas Davey on our Bookstore Blog.

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