Monday, April 14, 2014


The Word Exchange is a thought-provoking novel, set in the future of technological superiority. Anana works at one of the few remaining places that produces paper-bound books instead of a computer based alternative. She soon starts to notice things changing at her workplace, and eventually people even become strange, speaking in words that don’t make sense. Before Anana knows it, her world is tipped onto its side and a technological plague forces her to seriously question the world she has gotten so used to.

Alena Graedon does a fantastic job of developing her characters. The future setting can sometimes be difficult for the readers to connect to, but her characters are so real and true that they tied the whole setting together. Graedon incorporates the strange words I previously mentioned in a very subtle but powerful way. When the reader can feel like they are noticing these strange occurrences on their own, it puts them in the centre of the story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading and literature, but also to those who enjoy thrillers. Recently, so many areas in media are involved with zombies and other monster threats. It was a real breath of fresh air to read about a different type of threat, this new language plauge Graedon has thought of. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for her works in the future. 

Wesley Wilson is a zoology student at the University of Guelph and works on campus at a microbiology lab. When Wesley isn’t studying away, she spends most of her time reading. Anna Karenina is her favourite book, but she enjoys reading a variety of different genres. 

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